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Consultant Dermatologist


MBBS, BSc (immunology), MRCP (derm), PhD (London)



Dr Angela Tewari

Angela is a GMC registered and UK trained Consultant Dermatologist, practicing dermatology for over a decade.

Angela trained in London at Imperial College School of Medicine and completed her dermatology training at St George’s NHS Hospital.

Angela holds her NHS Consultant Dermatologist post at the prestigious King’s College Hospital in London and has extensive experience in all aspects of adult and paediatric general dermatology.

Angela has a PhD so she understands the effects of sunshine on your skin and the appropriate treatment measures.


Thank you!

Dr Tewari cured me from my many years’ struggling with acne.

A Friendly Professional

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Tewari a couple of months ago, she was so comforting.

My Results Are Great

The medication Dr Tewari recommended is really helping  – my skin is clearing up!

Very Knowledgeable

Dr Tewari is very knowledgable in her field and generous with her time during my consultations.

Testimonials From

Bibi, London

James, London



Skin Care Specialists

Dr Angela Tewari specialises in adult and paediatric general dermatology, including:




Hair loss

Removing skin lesions

Removing skin tags


Skin cancer

Skin surgery

Skin Cancer

Angela runs a skin cancer screening clinic, regularly sees patients with moles, other skin lesions and performs full skin checks using a specialist microscope (dermatoscope).


Acne is extremely common in teenagers and adults, there are a number of topical and tablet treatments, Angela will be happy to go through treatments with you.

friendly approach


Angela is a medical dermatologist specialising in adult, paediatric acute, chronic skin rashes, as well as treatment of all hair, skin and nail conditions. She would be delighted to help you and your family.

In addition to face to face consultations Angela can also offer virtual consultations on request.

Angela also performs cryotherapy, surgery to remove skin lesions and treatment of keloid scars.

Angela is passionate about skin and will treat your condition to the highest standard.

exceptional service


UK rates

Initial consultation £300

Follow up £250

Excision of skin lesion (per lesion)* £300

Shave / curettage (first lesion)* £200

Shave / curettage (additional lesions)* £150

Punch biopsy* £200

Cryotherapy (up to 3 lesions) £150

Cryotherapy (more than 3 lesions) £300

Steroid injection (per vial) £140

Histopathology and theatre fees

Histopathology fee (charged by pathology service) £200

International rates

Initial consultation £300

Follow up £250

Angela provides a personalised service to ensure your skin needs are met.



Harley Street, London

Angela works out of Clinica London, 140 Harley Street. For consultation enquiries at this location please call 020 7935 7990 or email:    

Lister Hospital, London

Angela also works out of the Lister Hospital in Chelsea, London as part of HCA Healthcare UK. For consultation enquiries at this location please call 020 3811 7311 or email:      


Get in touch


If you would like to discuss a private consultation or have any queries, please get directly in touch with Angela.

Angela is an experienced dermatologist and you will experience wonderful care.