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Best natural deodorants for a fresh scent without artificial ingredients

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4 AUGUST 2023
You never leave the house without it, but have you given your deodorant much thought?

In the past, you may have typically reached for any aerosol or roll-on that’s on offer at your local supermarket or chemist without paying much attention to the ingredient line-up. But you wouldn’t apply any old product to your face, so why are you doing this to your underarms?

The sensitive underarm area is made up of nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes, and as such, is prone to discomfort, pain and irritation. To protect your pits, consider swapping potentially harsh sprays with gentle, clean formulas that will nourish and moisturise, while also leaving you odour-free. Finetune your bodily functions free from components like alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol and biological additives that are commonplace in some antiperspirants that disrupt the body’s delicate balance and may lead to sensitivities.

“Natural deodorants do not contain man-made chemicals such as aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium to block your pores”, explains Dr Angela Tewari, consultant dermatologist. “Instead, they tend to include coconut oil, cornstarch, and vitamin E-based oils which are all thought to neutralise bad-smelling bacteria that reside in sweaty warm environments like your armpits. If they are powder-based they may absorb excess sweat, too”.

These clean products work differently by encouraging the good bacteria while gently balancing out the bad, rather than forming a temporary plug on the sweat ducts like antiperspirants. In this edit of natural deodorants, we have prioritised formulas that are kind to the skin without skipping efficacity. This array of gender-neutral products turns your everyday hygiene practices into a luxury experience without blocking pores.

Aluminium is a commonly discussed ingredient in the world of deodorant and there are many myths surrounding links with serious health conditions. Dr Tewari stresses that “There is no clear evidence that aluminium-based antiperspirants are linked to cancers” but she does go on to recommend that if you do find yourself prone to sensitivities and skin allergies from aluminium-based products then “you may want to try natural coconut-based or vitamin E-based products”.

Then there’s the environmental impact to consider. It is estimated that in the UK, we use around 600 million aerosol cans, and while many of them are recyclable, there’s often a lot of confusion over proper practices, which sees a lot of waste building up in landfills. There has been a huge push in the industry for refillable deodorants that will save your pennies and the planet at the same time with often reduced costs for the refills themselves.

It is important to note that when making the switch from aluminium-based formulas, some people may find that it takes a few days to feel the sweat-deflecting and B.O.-reducing effects. This is because your body will go through a detox period to first flush out residue aluminium and adjust to sweating normally.

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