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Does my diet make my acne worse?

Answer: It could do.

This has been a contentious issue but now we are seeing work that shows that a low glycaemic index (GI) diet (lots of complex carbs- brown rice/pasta and fruits) will not exacerbate your acne as much as a high glycaemic diet.  This is because a high glucose load in the blood stimulates your body to produce insulin which results in downstream changes (including insulin like growth factor (IGF) release) essentially increasing local testosterone levels on the skin.  This causes your oil producing cells on the skin to produce more oil and create a more inflamed environment, contributing to acne.

Milk can be an issue, and even skimmed milk, probably due to the fact that hormones are produced by cows during pregnancy and remain in the milk after pasteurisation.  These constituents will also stimulate IGF1 and local testosterone production in the skin and can contribute to acne.

Chocolate? The good news is that there is no evidence linking it to acne but I suspect as white chocolate (that cocoa bean butter tastes so divine) with a higher GI load won’t be that great for the skin compared to the dark chocolate varieties.

However it is important to note that these are potential contributing factors, eliminating these foods maybe not make a difference as other genetic factors also play a role in acne.


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