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Skin Advice

Acne Prone Skin

You may notice open pores and shiny skin. There are a number of topical creams and medicated products and Dr Tewari loves a benzoyl peroxide and a retinoid as part of her treatment plan.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin Dr Tewari suggests a ceramide based product and also a hyaluronic acid based product.  Avoid salicyclic or glycolic acid based products.

Pigmented Skin

Once the cause of the pigmentation is diagnosed, Dr Tewari starts with serums, medicated creams or cryotherapy that will attack the pigmentation.  There are a number of other treatments that will help including laser, chemical peels and polynucleotide injectable therapy which Dr Tewari can go through with you.

Aged Skin

This is an area Dr Tewari has lots of experience on. She will start with tretinoin based serums as well as other collagen plumping creams and then move to injectables such as non crosslinked hyaluronic acid, other hyaluronic acid based injectables, skin peels and laser options.

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